Pioneers in Portugal, we are a company with over 45 years of experience in the world of recycling plastic waste.

We receive plastic waste, a material indispensable to our activity, in bales or big bags.

The plastic waste is then inspected, sorted, crushed, washed and extruded into granules to be delivered in packages adapted to customer preferences: 25 kg bags, big bags , octabins or silo trucks.

An annual a production capacity of 35,000 tonnes may seem extraordinary for some.

For us, it is no more than the reflection of our commitment to continuously assure the quality of our products, the excellence of the services we provide and the ongoing investment in improving the resources at our disposal (technological and human).

Our response capacity to an ever more competitive market is the result of a fundamental strategic vision, founded on the careful selection of our premises’ location. The evident competitive advantage of being able to adapt the space we occupy (currently 30,000 m2 covered area, which we can expand whenever necessary), can never be dissociated from the premises’ location in the center of Portugal.

Here we are close to the country’s major roads, granting us prime transport capability and allowing us to ensure the delivery of our services to the worldwide markets.